Community and Development Sector

Consulting Services

PROGILENCE offers consultancy services in development of programmes and interventions for various developmental areas. These particularly include areas of health and safety, skills development, employment and livelihood, behavioural change, etc.

Capacity Building

PROGILENCE offers capacity building services to the community and development sector. This includes development of project or programme developers and management, trainers and educators, quality assurance personnel, capacity building personnel, support staff, etc.

Training/L&D workshops

PROGILENCE delivery Training, Learning and Development workshops in various areas including skills for employability, monitoring and evaluation, competency based development, proposal writing, skills development, soft skills for personal effectiveness, skills for employability, leadership skills, quality assurance of developmental programmes, etc.

Occupational Standards Development

PROGILENCE offers Occupational Standards Development services for various roles in the Development Sector and for Community based Organisations. These may be for individual organisations or at the industry level. These Occupational Standards may be used for benchmarking internally and externally, for planning, implementing and evaluating Human Capital Development and related Learning and Development activities.

Qualification Development

PROGILENCE offers qualifications development services in the community and development sector. These may be targeted for the delivery workforce or for the beneficiaries. These may be for national and other scoped requirements, aligned to National or other Occupational Standards (OS) and Qualification Frameworks (QFs) as may be required.

Curriculum, Content and Assessment Development

PROGILENCE offers end-to-end development services for learning materials, curriculum,learning objectives, session plans, delivery content, learning aids, etc. for various community and development sector requirements including health and safety, employability, soft skills, values, leadership, road safety, citizenship, gender equity, entrepreneurship development, etc.

Quality Assurance

PROGILENCE offers quality assurance services to organisations in the development sector focused on quality of delivery and impact. This includes evaluation of capabilities, fidelity to design, compliances, quality of learning and development materials used, personnel capabilities and capacity, checks and balances, assessment design and quality, etc.

Monitoring and Evaluation Services

PROGILENCE offers Monitoring and Evaluation Studies (M&E) for various programmes and interventions in the community or as implemented by development agencies, CBOs and NGOs. Monitoring and Evaluation Services are a critical support tool for achievement of results and deriving real learning for future planning and implementation. Effective M&E enables progressive achievement and sustainable growth in effectiveness.