Academic and career counselling

Academic counselling

We provide Academic Counselling Services to students. This is for assisting students decide their choice of disciplines, institutions and education pathways. We provide guidance on local, domestic and international options for your study. Our counselling is also aimed at helping students achieve better academically. If you or your loved ones need some guidance, book as session today.

Career counselling

We help students and professionals move ahead in their career based on well-thought out planning and deep insight. We help freshers discover their choice of vocation and working professionals plan their future career choices and make transitions to seek a more fulfilling career, and meet their career objectives. These services are personalised for individuals. To achieve better, book a session today.

Group counselling sessions

We also offer group counselling sessions to students and working professionals to help them gain clarity regarding their educational and career goals, and understand more of the options available to them to pursue their dreams. In case your institution or company want to book a session please do give us a call.