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Top LinkedIn Skills in the US and new employment

December 30 in News  No Comments

It is interesting to note that with an addition of 2.65 million jobs 2014 was the best year for new employment in the US since 1999. In addition the top skills in demand largely are dominated by technology skills, with Marketing campaign management, Economics and Electrical and Electronic engineering filling up the gaps. It will be interesting to explore the drivers of change for this, and why higher order human skills do not figure in there. To read more click here

President concerned about mediocrity of Higher Education in India

June 6 in News  No Comments

President Pranab Mukherjee while delivering the Sir Asutosh Mookerjee Memorial Lecture to mark his 150th birth anniversary celebrations organised by the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and Asutosh Mookerjee Memorial Institute rued India lagging behind countries such as China and USA on patents filing. He called for transformative ideas to pull us out of this mediocrity of higher education in India. It is not surprising that this comes at a time when there are reports of poor performing Engineering colleges in India which are not only failing to fill seats but are unable to secure placements for their graduates.

The president stated that Indian colleges were not providing the requisite atmosphere for scholars to be able to do their best work, quoting examples of Amartya Sen and Hargovind Khurana.

We believe our higher education institutions do not focus on market relevant research and are not competing in the market to create value for wider stakeholders. This undermines the passion and engagement they need from students and faculty to perform. Also there are no overall narratives, which engage people’s passion. Most narratives remain around passing grades and subsequent jobs, rather than forming learning objectives around solving key issues and problems in society. Teaching methodologies remain mired in early 20th century practices. The failure starts not just at the higher education level but at school level where we fail to emphasize the development of a value framework that supports meaningful pursuits for finding solutions to problems. The underlying principle being that real unsolved problems usually require us to work at the forefront of capabilities development requiring innovation, critical thinking, etc.

Tenders for Vocational Teacher Deployment in Karnataka Schools through RMSA

June 6 in News  No Comments

The Government of Karnataka has issued tenders for vocational teacher deployment in Karanataka schools through RMSA. This is for National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC)/Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) affiliated training providers for deploying teachers in schools to deliver vocational training in line with the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF). The tenders are calling for providers in the following sectors: Retail, Healthcare, IT/ITeS, Beauty and Wellness and the Automotive Sector. The tenders value from 33 Lakhs to 2.25 Crs. The Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyaan (RMSA) is leading the project implementation and aims to cover upto 250 schools in the academic session 2014-15, in a phase wise manner.

Our failure to provide good quality overall education and practical transferable skills has led us down this path where we will be trying to impart job ready skills for certain sectors to make candidates more employable. It will be interesting to see the consequences of this in longitudinal studies. The benefits of these courses could be greater appeal to parents to let their children stay in school and another that there will be greater interaction with the outer world, which is desirable.

You can download the links to the tenders below.

Sl. No.


Value of the Tender (Rs.)

Last date & time

Link to download the tender

1 Retail 33,00,000.00 10/06/2014 17:30:00
2 Beauty & Wellness 63,00,000.00 10/06/2014 17:30:00
3 Healthcare 1,08,00,000.00 10/06/2014 17:30:00
4 IT/ITES 2,25,00,000.00 10/06/2014 17:30:00
5 Automotive sector 1,71,00,000.00 10/06/2014 17:30:00


Neighbourhood factor getting weightage in nursery admissions in Delhi 2014-15

December 22 in News  No Comments

School management are not happy with new uniform guidelines being issued regarding nursery admissions for Delhi schools. A 70 percent weightage to a 6 km vicinity criterion and removal of management quota for admissions are key points of discussion and dissatisfaction. The question is whether certain sections of society are disadvantaged due to their locality of residence not having good schools within the 6 km radius. Also with the Right To Education (RTE) guidelines having a different set of standards and definitions for neighbourhood creates a lot of confusion for schools and their administration.

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Compulsory rural service for doctors

December 22 in News  No Comments

An amendment to the Medical Council of India the Post Graduate Medical Education Regulations, 2000 will now mean new doctors will have to spend a year in a rural primary health care center in India as a measure to provide high quality service to rural populations. This is a welcome move though it will need to be seen that these doctors not only do comply with this guideline but at the same time hope MCI can find a way to depute experienced doctors in these centers at different times in their careers if possible. To read a related Times of India report click here

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