Workforce Capability Development

Consulting Services

PROGILENCE helps to addressing performance issues and related requirements for learning and development by designing bespoke strategies, programmes and interventions to offer organisations the best chance for achieving desired results. We also offer related bespoke related products and services including benchmarking studies, focused market surveys, etc.

Capacity Building

PROGILENCE supports organisations and their teams develop capabilities to achieve optimal results on a sustainable basis. This is done through bespoke development programmes including workshops, discussions, team and individual action plans, peer-led development activities, self-led learning and development, etc.

Training/L&D workshops

PROGILENCE offers learning and development through instructor led and facilitated workshops and conversations, based on a high-degree of proprietary materials and models. In keeping with our tagline, ‘Talking Change, Changing Talk’ our workshop format conversations follow a proprietary structure ExCon-InCon-ActOn-ComCon, for effective learning.

Occupational Standards Development

PROGILENCE offers organisations performance and competency benchmarking services for various functions and jobs. These competency based standards development activity may be used for internal assessments and evaluation, learning and development structuring and interventions, development of performance metrics, and other purposes.

Qualification Development

PROGILENCE offers qualification development for the workforce that may be used in organisations, by the industry or for national purposes. These are competency based qualifications can trigger internal certifications and rewards in organisations, creating thresholds for entry, recognition and progression, or they may be introduced at the industry/sector level.

Curriculum and Content Development

We offer end-to-end learning materials development including bespoke curriculum and content development with specific learning outcome definitions from programme to session level. We also offer development of assessments for these learning outcomes. We develop content in various forms and formats, as required by clients.