Vocational Education and Training

Consulting Services

PROGILENCE offers consulting services in the TVET and Skills Development domain, including services for policy planning, development of TVET and Skills Development Architectures, Programmes and Interventions. We construct fit-for-purpose, contextually relevant solutions that factor-in objectives, resources and limitations, embedded complexities, comprising multi-strand planning and activities.

Training/L&D workshops

We conduct Training and Learning and Development workshops for various stakeholders with a view for capacity building including for TVET planners, organisational management, project managers, trainers, assessors, quality assurance personnel, etc. These may be delivered in bespoke or standard formats.

Occupational Standards Development

PROGILENCE has vast experience in development of Occupational Standards across sectors, levels and contexts. We develop Occupational Standards for National and niche requirements, for use in National, Transnational, TVET and related Skills Programmes, or for employer/training organisations. These thoroughly researched qualifications are informed by international best practices and processes, adapted to context.

Qualification Development

PROGILENCE offers TVET and Skills Development qualifications development services for national and other scoped requirements. We also align these to National or other Occupational Standards (OS) and Qualification Frameworks (QFs) as may be required, like with the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) in India. We offer these services across sectors and levels.

Curriculum and Content Development

We offer end-to-end services for learning support materials from Curriculum, to Lesson/Session plans, Delivery content, etc. These are customisable to varying extent, based on requirement including wholly bespoke content. We provide these in various delivery formats as per requirement. We offer these services across sectors, occupations, and levels of the qualification frameworks.

Assessment Development

We offer services for developing Competency based Assessments including assessment strategy, assessment specifications, assessment materials including item writing, etc. These services are made fit-for-purpose by offering contextual adaptations for foreseen variances. We also offer post-assessment analysis guidance and support.

Skills Gap Studies

PROGILENCE carries out high quality Skills Gap studies, with a high degree of primary data collection and research. These may be used for developing further interventions and for decision support purposes in policy and planning. These may be done by organisations or local or state governments.

Quality Assurance

PROGILENCE offers quality assurance services in the TVET and Skills Development Sector. This is applicable across the value chain of services starting from needs assessment, to planning, accreditation, delivery, assessment, impact and reviews. Our quality assurance services can be used for overall programmes or its components, focusing on elements such as specific products, services, processes, design fidelity, etc.

Impact Assessment

We conduct impact assessment services for various TVET and Skills Development interventions or programmes. This includes establishing baselines, scoping objectives and expectations, evaluating and categorising impact for intended and unintended consequences. We deconstruct programmes for arriving at attribution, causal and intervening factors.

Monitoring and Evaluation Services

PROGILENCE offers Monitoring and Evaluation Studies (M&E) for various programmes and interventions. Monitoring and Evaluation Services are a critical support tool for achievement of results and deriving real learning for future planning and implementation. Effective M&E enables progressive achievement and sustainable growth in effectiveness.