Skills for Employability

Consulting Services

PROGILENCE provides consulting services in the areas of Skills for Employability for both domain and supporting soft skills. These services are offered in the context of formal education at school and higher education levels, TVET and community based interventions, etc. These are focused on defining and developing policies, outcome, goals, strategy, structure, systems and architecture, programmes and project based interventions, etc.

Capacity Building

PROGILENCE provides capacity building services to various agencies involved in planning and deployment of Skills for Employability programmes and interventions. These may be for planners, management, delivery personnel, trainer, assessors, quality assurance personnel, supporting roles, etc.

Training/L&D workshops

PROGILENCE offers Training, Learning and Development workshop on various Skills for Employability purposes. This may be conducted for different audiences and in different contexts. These workshops are aimed at developing a discerning understanding, and competence and performance capabilities for using these Skills for entry or progression in the workforce. It may also be used for transitioning between jobs and sectors.

Occupational Standards Development

PROGILENCE develops occupational standards for ‘Skills for Employability’ across contexts and at various levels. These are developed based on primary research carried out to ensure contextual fitment. We are currently involved in developing a framework of ‘Skills for Employability’ to guide national education and development systems.

Qualification Development

PROGILENCE offers qualification development services for development of ‘Skills for Employability’ that may be used in education and training systems, institutions, professional development systems, etc. These may be used in government, private and non-government organisation programmes. These competency based qualifications focus on holistic employability skills in the 21st century and are adapted for fitment to context.

Curriculum and Content Development

PROGILENCE offers end-to-end development services for learning materials, curriculum, learning objectives, session plans, delivery content, learning aids, etc. for various ‘Skills for Employability’ programmes that may be prepared for delivery in various contexts. The content can be developed in various formats and can be adapted in different languages.

Assessment Development

PROGILENCE offers a range of assessment services in the area of ‘Skills for Employability’. These include developing assessment strategies, tools and instruments of assessments, administration, etc. We undertake assessment of both technical and non-technical skills as part of employability skills in a competency based frame. It is important to upgrade assessment skills and recognise it as a specialised function.

Quality Assurance

PROGILENCE offers quality assurance services for Skills for Employability programmes and interventions. These include ensuring that design, materials, personnel, environment, processes, implementation and impact is aligned and effective. PROGILENCE provides in time support in the form of insights, review and remedial recommendations for providing your interventions the best chance to succeed.