School Education

Training/L&D workshops

PROGILENCE offers Training, Learning and Development workshops for various audiences at the School level. These include school leadership, teachers, students, administrators, management and support staff. These workshops are focused on competency based development of relevant skill-sets including, values, soft-skills, ethics, behavioural issues and related development, assessments, etc.

Curriculum, Content and Assessment Development

PROGILENCE offers Curriculum, Content and Assessment development services for non-academic achievement areas including soft-skills, leadership, behavioural and social themes, employability skills, citizenship, inclusion, etc. We includes services for support staff in schools, such as transport, safety and security, administrative, student support, and other staff roles.

Quality Assurance

PROGILENCE offers quality assurance services of school facilities, policies and implementation of guidelines related to infrastructure, safety and security, health and hygiene, personnel and compliance, etc.

Competition Planning

PROGILENCE offers Schools, services for strategizing, conceptualising, planning, implementing and evaluating competitions. These may be related to academic and non-academic areas, for various stakeholders including students, parents, teachers, support staff and management. Competitions may be for purposes such as development, recreation, relationship/rapport building, networking, etc.


PROGILENCE offers schools services for conceptualising, planning, implementing and evaluating development projects for students, teachers, support staff or management as part of their learning and development. Project are an effective way to learn and develop and allows for development in off-campus hours that circumvents the limitation of sparing time for activities within school hours.


PROGILENCE offers a range of assessment services to schools. These include developing assessment strategies, tools and instruments of assessments, administration, etc. Assessment of soft-skills or employability skills is a key area of focus, which requires specialised and ongoing continuous assessments, largely in a competency based frame. It is important to upgrade assessment skills and recognise it as a specialised function.