Government Bodies

Consulting Services

PROGILENCE offers consultancy services to government bodies and quasi-government bodies on issues related to vocational education, skills development, employability and entrepreneurship development.

Capacity Building

We offer Capacity Building services related to Skills Development, TVET, etc. These are usually done in standard and bespoke workshop formats, with supporting learning approaches and materials.

Occupational Standards Development

We offer occupational standards development services to government and quasi-government bodies. These are usually used by education, learning and development bodies within the state or central government, for defining performance standards, developing qualifications, planning learning interventions, and assessments.

Qualification Development

PROGILENCE offer qualification development services to the government in TVET, Employability and other Technical and Non-Technical areas that maybe offered through schools, colleges, NGOs, training providers, government departments, etc. These may be aligned to Qualification frameworks or based on National Occupational Standards, or these may be developed for bespoke requirements.

Curriculum and Content Development

PROGILENCE offers end-to-enddevelopment services for learning materials, curriculum, learning objectives, session plans, delivery content, learning aids, etc. for various departmental projects, interventions or programmes. These include those focused on health and safety, employability, soft skills, values, leadership, community working, road safety, citizenship, gender equity, entrepreneurship development, etc.

Monitoring and Evaluation Services

PROGILENCE offers Monitoring and Evaluation Studies (M&E) for various programmes and interventions of the government. Monitoring and Evaluation Services are a critical support tool for achievement of results and deriving real learning for future planning and implementation. This is particularly important for third party funded programmes.

Research and Studies

PROGILENCE offers research and market studies in relevant areas particularly in the areas of Education, TVET and Skills Development, Employability, Entrepreneurship Development, etc. This includes both primary and secondary research studies.