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Learning initiative for education bureaucrats

October 28 in News  No Comments

A team led by CBSE Chairman Vineet Joshi, attended the ninth Global Education Learners Programme (GELP) in New Delhi last week. Largely attended by senior bureaucrats and CBSE affiliated consultants this edition saw talk on ‘Learner Agency’, ‘New Players’ and ‘New Metrics’. This is particularly music to our ears as this expands peurview of education and potentially encourages the government to think of broadbasing participation of newer and smaller players in education and thin out of the box. In fact our recent article on this talks of newer models for education that allows us to broadbase education and its participants. We also spoke of extended choice which is a theme reflecting in global discussions on next wave of education.

Read our article on the future of schools here.

A related report from Times of India on the GELP is here.

Calling for higher quality in higher education

October 28 in News  No Comments

The President of India appeals for improvement in Higher Education standards expressing grief over no Indian University figuring in the top 200 universities in the world and further expounding on the woes of vacant seats in the universities. As one of the nation’s top most leaders one wonder’s if the incumbent should actually be talking about the steps in motion to address the issue, rather than a hapless appeal to improve things. If the president has no plan or is not aware of such plans it surely is a sadder concern.

Read a Times of India report on the speech here


Higher Education Reforms in India: Capacity expansion and then…?

October 13 in News  No Comments

It is undoubtedly important for a hugely populated country like India to ramp us their educational capacity, to accommodate increasing number of youth who hopefully will finish with schooling and opt to educate themselves further. It not only benefits in providing access but also will potentially dent the malpractices of capitation fees and seat auctioning to a some extent. Though all this wouldn’t matter at all if the quality of institutions is not any better than what already exists. Hopefully some point in the near future we talk about higher education reforms in India or any other form of education we will see more than just numbers being talked about. When will quality become more important to always take center-stage? To read about promised increase in higher education capacities read a Times of India report here.

British Universities join MOOCs bandwagon, US professor off-boards

September 18 in News  No Comments

26 top British Colleges have started offering free online courses from today. This is testimonial to the growing popularity of the MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) despite the ongoing debates over high drop-outs, lack of personalisation and limited scope of assessments. Apologists of the new offerings are evolving better and better methods to counter those criticisms and so far it seems technology is in the ascendancy.  Read a related Times of India report here.

On the contrary a US professor who advocated MOOCs earlier has now decided to pull his course off Coursera. The popularity of MOOCs also has now resulted in fear among some that this will result in state cutting funding for Universities and this US professor seems to certainly think so. Now while cutting costs is something one hopes MOOCs will help achieve, will the State press for that with unrealistic targets in terms of quantum and time? Will Universities prune their offerings based on maintaining the justification for continued funding at the same rates? We believe it is difficult to stop an idea whose time has come, and universities will continue to offer these courses. We do also believe that universities will be forced to think of new ways of creating value for sustaining funding from the state, and we believe that is progress. Read a related TIME report here.

Also read a report on how Coursera has shown that money can be made from MOOCs through verified certification. Read an InTheCapital report by Molly Greenberg here.


Relegation in Rankings inspires move for accreditation of IITs

September 18 in News  No Comments

Recent reports have highlighted the relegation of IITs further in global rankings. In a move to stem the slide an opportune move by the MHRD (Ministry of Human Resources) has resulted in the agreement from the IIT council to subject themselves to Accreditation by the National Board of Accreditation. This also will help in India becoming part of the Washington Accord, upgrading from it’s current provisional status. Read a related report from Times of India here

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